Blackjack Player Robbed of His $70,000 Winnings

What kind of creep would do this? Was it an inside job?

Police are investigating.

A 70 year old man from South Jersey won $10,000 playing blackjack in Atlantic City. As he was going back home on Sunday morning he was punched in the face and the winnings were robbed.

According to a police report, the blackjack winner cashed in his chips at the Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort at about 8 a. m. and he was walking to his car when all of a sudden he was attacked.

It was then when the assailant, who was very fast, hailed a taxi and ordered the driver to take him to Baltimore. They were traveling when the taxi driver got a call from a fellow driver who told him he and his taxi were being looked for by the police.

The suspect who was listening to the conversation got very nervous and demanded to be dropped off near the intersection of Cross Keys Road and Johnson Road in Gloucester Township. Few minutes later the police arrived, but couldn’t find him.

The assailant is described as black male with a medium complexion and in his late 20s. He is about 5-foot 10-inches and 210 pounds. He was wearing a red-and-grey striped sweatshirt, white sneakers and dark blue jeans.

MY advice: this was probably an inside job. Take care to protect your winnings. And don’t travel alone, especially in Atlantic City (A place I truly love, but you gotta be careful).

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