Blackjack On iGoogle

All those who love Google, raise your hand! I am willing to be a considerable sum that a whole lot of you quickly raised their hands without a second thought. Now I know that there will be some who would scoff at the mere mention of Google, but come on now, how would your average day be like without it?

Anyhow, those who use Google on a regular basis would know all about iGoogle, the Internet conglomerate’s personalized home page. I know I use it all the time. But did you know that they now have an additional app for blackjack lovers like you and moi?

Yes, you can now add blackjack to your array of apps on your iGoogle, courtesy of All Slots. Gambling Review reports:

“David Brickman, Vice President of the Jackpot Factory’s Player Affairs said in a joint statement with All Slots Casino statement, “This application provides new opportunities for players to experience the casino, including those who may not yet be part of the online gambling community. Additionally, it allows our affiliate partners to enhance their own sites with a dynamic product of our casino. With the increasing popularity of iGoogle, this application lets player make All Slots Casino a part of their regular internet experience.”

More than having this new application on your iGoogle, you can also add it to your web site/s. The best thing is that you can use the app without having to pay for anything. Of course, if you want to win real money, then you can register and play for higher stakes.

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