Blackjack Is For The Stars

Truth be told, it seems that poker is the more popular card game these days.  Everywhere you look, you will see people – both the common people and the superstars – playing the game.  I suppose that a lot of factors have contributed to this phenomenon.  However, I will not dwell on that since this blog is not about poker but about blackjack.

Speaking of blackjack, this card game, although it has not reached the unprecedented heights of poker, is quite popular as well.  In spite of the prevailing idea that it is poker that overshadows all card games, I have to say that blackjack is also played by big names.  We already have seen and heard about large tournaments that feature celebrities.  We also have heard about celebrities playing blackjack as their hobby.

But did you know that basketball superstar Michael Jordan also loves to play blackjack in his spare time?  The Celebrity Café just had this feature:

Michael Jordan is in town for the Super Bowl. I spent three hours watching him throw down $40,000 per hand on a blackjack table at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. There was a crowd around the table and everyone stood in silence as he tossed the expensive chips down and lost about 1.4 million dollars.

Imagine that – $40,000 per hand!!!  That is more money than I could ever imagine spending on a game of blackjack, much less a single hand!  Then again, if I had that much money to spare, I just might. 😉

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