Blackjack In The Water

It’s not M. Night Shyamalan’s latest film, mind you.  I meant that title to be literal – as in you can play blackjack in water.  At least, with SkyMall’s offering of Swim Up Floating Card Table Game.

Alright so let’s pretend that you are spending the afternoon under the hot sun basking by the pool.  Maybe you’ll take a dip every so often, depending on whether or not the water’s good.  You’ll go swim.  Drink a beer or two.  What is missing from the scenario?  A fun game of blackjack!

With Swim Up Floating Card Table Game, you need not look for anything else.  This patented product allows you to play blackjack by the pool or IN the pool.  Contents of the package:

1.    The worlds first patented playing cards that are able to be played and shuffled in water without the cards sticking together or destroyed by water.
2.    Playing chips: 200 white, 80 red, & 40 blue.
3.    Netted bags draw string for gaming chips.
4.    Game play instructions.

Did you read that first point?  You can shuffle the cards IN water!  I have never seen or tried that but the idea kinda excites me.  I don’t really see a reason to shuffle cards in water but hey, if the occasion rises, at least I know I can do it, right?

How much will this baby cost you? A mere – cough – $199. Not sure if I have that much money to spare just so I can shuffle cards in the water, though.

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