Why Play Blackjack Online?

Which mode of blackjack do you prefer – online or “offline”?  I honestly do not know which I prefer more but it probably depends on my mood.  I found a really convincing article at Poker News Casino, though.  It details the reasons you should play online blackjack.  Let’s look at some of these reasons.

Playing Blackjack Online allows you to play with a single deck, an option live casinos rarely offer. This is because the edge of the casino is almost nullified with a single deck, so you increase your chances of taking home more winnings.

I like playing single decks because it allows me to practice card counting and other techniques.  These are more easily done with a single deck than multiple decks, obviously.

Online Casinos offer better pay-out rates of 3:2 as opposed to 6:5 in some live casinos on average. Not only that, but some online casinos offer special promotions where Blackjack is payed out at a rate of 2:1, letting you win even more!

Now who wouldn’t want to have better chances of winning?

Blackjack games at Online Casinos are played out much faster than regular games at live Casinos. For instance, at a regular casino on a full table, you may be lucky to play 25 hands in an hour. At some online casinos, you should be able to play 100 hands an hour, letting you play up to four times as many hands in the same amount of time!

Again, the more hands you play, the funner it is, isn’t it?

More reasons in the next post.

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