Types Of Hole Card Play Continued

So you’ve learned how to spot a dealer’s card by first basing and I hope that you have understood that it is something that you shouldn’t really do.  Here is another type of hole card play – again, something that is frowned upon.  It is called front-loading.

Front-loading is somehow similar to first basing in that the player aims to spot the hole card of the dealer.  However, in front-loading, the player does not wait for the dealer to check if his hole card will complete a blackjack.  Instead, he takes a peek at the hole card when the dealer “loads” the hole card under the face up card.  This type of hole card play is possible only if the dealer tends to tip up his hole card towards the players when he places it under the face up card.  In addition to this, the player must be at a height low enough to see the hole card.  This can happen in two ways.  One, the player is short enough or two, the player is slouching so as to be at eye level with the card.  You can imagine the complications of this play.

Another type of hole card play is spooking and it may be the most notorious play of them all.  Just like first basing, it takes two players to implement spooking.  You need to have one player at the table and another person positioned behind the dealer.  Naturally, he has to find an inconspicuous position, such as a table on the other side of the pit.  The second person is the spook, who tries to take a look at the dealer’s hole card and then signals information to the player at the table.

At the end of the day, these techniques work BUT they are deemed illegal in most places.  If I were you, I’d stay away from them.

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