Hooked On A Feeling

Do not worry, I am not talking about the song by David Hasselhoff (I found the video of that song very very disturbing, by the way).  What I want to talk about in this post is how some blackjack players use their “feeling” as a basis for how they play at the table.  Now, I know that gut feeling can prove to right sometimes and I do acknowledge the role that it can play.

When you always depend on your feelings at the blackjack table, however, that is a totally different story.  Saying that you are doing something “because it feels right” without having a solid basis for it is one of the biggest mistakes that you can commit while playing blackjack.  This is even more applicable if you keep doing things “because they feel right.”

Sometimes, you just might get lucky and actually hit the mother lode when you do something “because it feels right.”  But don’t bet on it happening a lot.  What you should do instead is to get your basic strategy down pat.  Make sure that you know this inside and out.

More than that, learn other strategies that can make your blackjack game even better. There are many tips and techniques that you can study.  Playing blackjack is not something that you should leave up to chance and feel.  The game of blackjack is something that people actually work hard to be good at.  Saying that gut feeling is enough to make you a success at the game is actually akin to insulting those who do the work…

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