Do You Want To Become A Blackjack Dealer?

I know you like to play blackjack. That is why you read blogs like this one. You just can’t get enough of it. Whether it is online or in a “real world” casino, you will not pass up an opportunity to play blackjack, right?

What if you were given the chance to get closer to the world of blackjack by being a blackjack dealer? Would that interest you as well? I am sure there are many of you out there who would say yes. I would try it out myself if I had the chance!

Perhaps this is the opportunity that we have been waiting for. Northern Quest Casino in Washington is currently looking for people who are interested in becoming a blackjack dealer. Here is their press release:

Are you looking for an opportunity to become part of the TEAM at The Northern Quest Casino? Northern Quest Casino is looking for Fun, Outgoing, Energetic people to enroll in its Blackjack Dealer Training Program. Enrollment is now open. If selected, you will attend an extensive 9 week hands-on training course at our state of the art Casino Training Facility for the low cost of $300. Table Games Dealer positions may be offered to trainees who successfully complete the course and pass a Table Games audition. Classes start soon so for further information contact Kevin Zenishek at (509) 481-4112.

Pity I am not located anywhere near the area. If you are, why don’t you give it a try? You never know, this change of career just might be the break that you need!

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