Christmas Blackjack Tournament

What are you going to do today? It’s Christmas Day and chances are that you are going to spend it with your family and friends. I am actually gearing up to a whole day of fun with my own family and groups of friends. When we get together, there are certain staples. These include great food, excellent drinks, conversation, and of course, games.

This year, we are holding our own blackjack tournament. I am lucky enough to have family members who are into blackjack (and other card games, actually) as much as I am. As such, we all decided to host our own event on Christmas Day. You have to figure, everyone gets together and after a while, things die down. We have a great meal and drinks that come with it. We talk for hours about anything and everything. Though most of the time, this talk could last all day, it would be even better if we were doing something fun while talking, right?

That’s why we came up with the blackjack idea. After Christmas lunch, we are going to hold our own version of the Ultimate Blackjack Tournament. As I am not one of the main organizers, I do not know the specific rules that are going to be tweaked but the idea that I got is that it will be much like what we saw on TV. It does not matter all that much to me. What matters is that I will be spending a great afternoon with those important to me while playing one of my favorite games. Why don’t you start your own Christmas tradition?

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