Blackjack Player’s Job Description

I think it’s time for something on the lighter side.  I was browsing through the blogs of some popular blackjack players and saw an article about the job description of a blackjack player.  Now one wouldn’t normally write up a job description for blackjack players but now that I think about it, why not?  After all, there are those who play blackjack for a living and if “normal” employees have a job description, why can’t they?  So here goes – thanks to Bootlegger.

Job Summary: This a position which is self supervised. It involves the successful play of the casino game of “21,” also known as “blackjack.” It may involve travel to various casino locales in the U.S. and elsewhere.
Job Duties:
1. Playing blackjack in a casino, utilizing card counting and/or other advantage-play individual games in different casinos.
3. Developing an “act” designed to fool casino personnel into believing the player is not playing with an advantage.
4. Assessing and analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of various blackjack games offered by casinos.
5. Computing appropriate betting patterns based upon specific games and the size of bankroll.
6. Keeping current on playing conditions through the use of personal observation, various periodicals and Internet sites.
7. Observing and assessing casino personnel, particularly dealers and floor persons.
8. Keeping records of play, observation of conditions, casino personnel and individual dealers.

That does not seem so easy, does it?  There is more – let us look at that in the next post.

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