Blackjack For Charity

It warms my heart every time I hear about people who go out of their way to do good deeds to help the less fortunate. And even if people do not go out of their way, charity is always something that you see in a positive light. Now for those who only see blackjack, poker, and other table games as “evil,” here is something that just might change their perspective somehow.

Do you love football? Have you ever wondered what has happened to those once great football players who have retired and no longer earn the income they used to? Some of them have been lucky. Endorsements and other financial endeavors were enough to keep them comfortable for the rest of their lives. Yet there are those players who haven’t been so lucky. Retired and old, some of them do not even have enough money to pay for their rent. What will happen to these people?

It is a good thing for them that other NFL players have felt the need to support them. Recently, some football greats got together for a blackjack tournament, the proceeds of which are to go to those ex-NFL players who need help. Among those came to lend their support was Paul Hornung, a Packers ex-halfback. The event was held in New Buffalo, Indiana and was hosted by Gridiron Greats.

At the end of the day, the footballers were able to raise as much as $20,000 for a worthy cause. Now isn’t that just wonderful?

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