New Software from Inlogic

Here is a piece of good news to those who have been looking for new versions of the games that they have always like to play:

Developing company Inlogic software s.r.o. launches a new game for those who are keen on playing the card game BlackJack, entitled BlackJack Master. The company has developed a new application, too, named LoveMatch. All couples will enjoy it.

BlackJack Master is the third game in our card game series. Solitaire and Poker Holdem Master were very successful, we hope our version of the game BlackJack so will be. says Jn Kalafut, COO of the company Inlogic Software s.r.o. and adds: Beside our card game series we still continue developing applications. Our new application LoveMatch serves for calculating whether two persons are a good match. The calculation is based on the entered names and birthdates.

The game “Blackjack Master” applies standard rules of Blackjack. The goal of the game is to get a combination of cards of which the value is higher than the value of dealer`s cards. If you achieve it, you will be paid the double amount of chips you had bet. The hand with the highest total wins as long as it doesn’t exceed 21. The more chips you win, the higher score you will have. You can send your score and then compare it on the web site .

Yeah, I know, LoveMatch is just too cheesy and too 80s but I thought I’d throw that in with the news about Blackjack.

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