Electronic Blackjack – Everything Virtual

Denizens of Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania are being treated to 8 new computerized blackjack tables at the Mohegan Sun. These tables were talked about several months ago in several web sites online. The idea behind the electronic tables is that there will be no live dealer and no real cards. The dealing and the game play is supposed to be faster, more efficient, and more objective.

Each table can handle 40 players at a single time. The dealer is represented by an “attractive” simulated one. However, attractive depends on who is looking, I guess. In any case, the games are called Royal Match 21 and players can bet $5 to $50. A special feature of the Royal Match 21 is that when the player’s two cards are of the same suit or a royal match, then the player gets a bonus.

So how do people feel about the new hi-tech tables? There has been a variety of reactions – the same way people reacted when news of these tables first came out. Some people like it because of the faster play but many people claim that they miss holding actual cards and interacting with the dealer. Some even go as far as to say that the point of playing card game live (as opposed to online gaming) is to get a feel for the cards – literally. Of course, that would be gone with electronic tables such as the ones in Pennsylvania. I suppose time will tell just how popular these tables will become.

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