A Unique Dealer

I am sure you have heard of Jenny McCarthy – who hasn’t? Well, in case the name does not ring a bell for some of you, Jenny McCarthy used to pose for Playboy. In fact, she first appeared in the adult magazine in 1993. The following year, in 1994, she became Playmate of the year. In any case, this post isn’t really about adult magazines but blackjack. So how do the two relate?

For those of you who are planning a visit to the Playboy Club at the Palms Casino Resort any time soon, you just might have the chance of having the former Playmate of the year deal at your blackjack table. That is right, Jenny McCarthy is now dealing at blackjack tables at the Playboy Club. She is in fact is the first Hollywood celebrity dealer at the club.

Donning her Playboy bunny uniform – black leotard complete with the bunny cottontail, cuffs and collar – she will Palm Casino’s first ever Playboy Bunny Dealer. The owner, George Maloof, has expressed his satisfaction and pride to have McCarthy as the first person to do this job. In his statement, he continues on to say that she will be a great icon and that there is no other person suited for the job.

How did McCarthy prepare for this job? She had to undergo intensive casino training just like any other dealer.

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