The Blackjack Tournament (part 2)

In a blackjack tournament, a player is usually eliminated when they have lost their original amount of money with which they have started their game. Players who have participated in a blackjack tournament are not allowed to replenish their losses with any additional money and after the initial amount of money has been lost then they are effectively out of the tournament.The time limit for a blackjack tournament is usually about two hours for every playing session. Since it is quite difficult to put together a real strategy in this very limited amount of time – especially when you are pitting your skills against the best players in the blackjack world – luck and timing would actually play a very significant role in playing in a tournament.

The object of the tournament is actually to beat the dealer as well as to beat the other players at the table. There is only one winner for every table and the player who is able to win the first round will advance to the following round and so on. Any player who loses in any round is out of the tournament.

As a way of keeping the game fair as well as to ensure that every player remains honest all throughout the tournament , all of the players are required to keep their chips visible to other players as well as at the end of each round. Each player will get to keep the chips that are in front of him. This would mean that even if the player loses any of the rounds and is compelled to leave the tournament, he can still be ahead in terms of cash.

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