Blackjack Myths that Lose You Money (Part 1)

In blackjack, just like in any other game, there are certain myths propagated by many people – most especially the gamblers themselves – that do not only have no basis in fact, it may even result in you losing money! But despite this very negative effect many gamblers still believe them for bible truth. Do not be caught up into these myths and learn to identify them early on so that you will not have to lose a penny more than you really should.Here are the myths:

1. The objective of blackjack is to get as close to 21 as possible.

This may surprise you and you may think to yourself, “But this really is the aim in playing blackjack!” But think again and you will find out that it is not.

The real objective is just to beat the dealer’s hand. Why try to reach 21 when your dealer only has a 15?

Oftentimes, the most effective strategy is to stand depending on your hand and the dealer’s up card. There are many people who lose a hand because they hit their hands when the basic strategy would have been to stand.

2. Bad players will cause you to lose

Here is a news flash. Other players will not have an effect on your winning or losing in the long term.

It is indeed true that stupid plays that are made by equally stupid players will have an effect on the outcome of a hand for every other player at the table. But mathematically, it can be proven that it is just as equally likely that this could result in the entire table winning.

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